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Amber Project is the link between your company and your future IT employee

Amber Project is a CSR attribution to both our society and our network of ambitious IT organization.

We only work with passionate partners who want to help and evolve existing talents to succeed with the right coaching and support in our AMBERPROJECT ACADEMY.

Our network consists of a wide range of municipal partners as well as professional IT organizations with a mutual commitment to help competent professionals back to IT organizations.

Amber Project is the unique combination of contributing to society while also aiming to pledge the resource gap within the IT organizations. 


We embrace "talent" and pursue a world where inclusion and diversity are acceptable and assessed as a force that enhance recruitment process.

Our presentation on each of our candidates is always “100% BIAS FREE”- selection shall be based on important terms such as skills and motivation.


Our mission is to include competent resources back to the job market with the ambition of developing and challenging their knowledge and IT skills, rather than excluding highly skilled resources due to demographic factors.


AMBER PROJECT aims to focus on helping “Senior IT talents”and “Expats” with IT background into Danish IT organizations by our “AMBERFICATION” model.



Our vision is to challenge the mindset of how IT organizations traditionally hire new resources, by bringing DIVESITY and INCLUSION on the agenda.


We focus on helping and promoting people who has experienced to be excluded on the basis of age, gender or ethnicity. 


We believe that job match and selection shall be made on Competence and motivation as well as the personal chemistry. 

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