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Amber Project

 - The Social Responsible link to Your Future IT-Employee -


Amber Project is a purpose driven company with a profound  dedication to improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative within the IT industry. Our commitment is to both society and a network of forward-thinking IT-organizations.


We exclusively collaborate with passionate partners dedicated to nurturing and advancing existing IT talents.

In collaboration with our network of trusted partners and our proven model of “AmberFication”  we deliver essential coaching and support for successful 6-month program.


Our network comprises diverse municipal partners and professional IT organizations, sharing a collective commitment to reintegrate competent professionals into IT organizations.

Amber Project represents a distinctive fusion, contributing to societal well-being while addressing resource gaps within IT-organizations.

At Amber, we advocate 'talent' and cultivate a culture that values and leverages inclusion and diversity as driving forces for enhancing recruitment processes. 

"Our approach is to ensure a fair and nonbiased candidate presentation.
With an agile approach to work seriously and confidentially with both workplaces & candidates.

We match on skills and motivation with the long term perspective of development, retention and advancement with our Amber Workplaces

Ida Sandberg, CEO of Amber Project 


We are dedicated to leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within

the IT industry, with a focus on fostering inclusivity and putting diversity on the agenda.


We aim to support the journeys of Seniors IT and Expats professionals who is currently unemployed.

We strive to create meaningful opportunities, ensuring their seamless

integration into the organizations, while promoting diversity, equity, and social responsibility.

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Our vision is  to be a catalyst for positive change in the IT landscape in Denmark, where our commitment to CSR transforms the industry into a welcoming a diverse talent pool.


We envision a future where Seniors and Expats thrive in their careers, contributing to a more inclusive and socially responsible tech sector.

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