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My name is Ida Sandberg, I have put my heart and soul into the creation of AMBERPROJECT.


My goal is to create an efficient and trustworthy model for how we see “people” in IT hiring process, since I see many unfortunate cases where talents and competences never reaches the potential they deserve.

My story is that I, myself, am an AMBER- my background is from warzone in Iran back in the 1980’s. In my mid 30’s did I experience the difficulties of being unable to work for a longer period due to serious stress, with numerus hospitalizations and worrying. When I finally fought myself back to my work, was I fired within 1 hour at my first day back at work.

After my notice, I faced a time where I was excluded from the job market, only at the age of 34 and with a CV that no longer was shining with sucess but rather the reality of life.



has not always given me the benefits in job situations and my journey to this stage has been challenging and demanding.

I was lucky, stubborn, and fought my way back to the work life I have today.

But not all have those possibilities or the abilities to take the “journey” on their own hand, with a little help and belief in others will a translucent fossilize be reborn as a shiny and valued stone.

My ambition is to help many highly skilled- but unseen “potential AMBERS” to shine.

So, feel free to reach out if you can see the value of contribution to help others succeed with AMBERPROJECT or if you see yourself as a potential AMBER.


I truly mean, let us capture the diversity and embrace true talent.



Ida Sandberg

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