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Our mission is to be 100% non-biased when presenting our Amber Candidates, as well as provide and ensure the best circumstances for our candidates to match the demands in IT organizations.


“Amber Process”, is tailored and based on “best practice” model, from years of experience working with the demand of IT organizations.


Our tailored methodology is developed to ensure a transparent candidate preview, emphasizing on success variables such as "Competence & Motivation.

We emphasis our close collaboration with both our candidates and workplaces through the entire process to ensure a fair resolution with the prospect of long-term success for both parties.

Our exclusive focus on transparent matching accentuate our belief in unlocking undiscovered potential within every candidate. This is  active participation of our network of workplaces is dedicated to advancing this progress.

Ultimately, our goal is to foster long-term job retention, upholding our commitment to social responsibility by investing in genuine competence with motivated candidates- we are truly nonbiased in every step we take.


*Candidates are pre-screened with qualification requirements upon this process*

Orange Order Process Instagram Post (1).png

1.  Amber Project Assessment

Orange Order Process Instagram Post (1).png

4.  Test

2.  Interview w. Amber Project

Orange Order Process Instagram Post (1).png

5.  Amber Workplace

Orange Order Process Instagram Post (1).png

3.  Job Interview

Orange Order Process Instagram Post (1).png

6.  Fulltime Employment

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