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The AMBER ACADEMY is a tailored process with a considered flow on how we work with candidates. Our model is based on “best practice” within the demands of the IT organization and with concern on the needs of the candidates.


With a deep understanding on both success factors and failures in the hiring process, have we established the AMBER ACADEMY.


Our mission to be 100% bias free in our presentation of the candidates, requires a deep understanding and close cooperation with each profile.


Amber Academy is a tailored process on how to develop the full transparent candidate preview- based on the important details, such as “Competence & Motivation”.



We aim only to match on basis of full transparency, we believe that there is undiscovered potential in each candidate and our network of Workplaces has committed to actively participate in this progress.


Our goal is to create long term job retention and contributing to social responsibility by making an investment in true “competence” and looking beyond age, gender, and race.




Interview with AMBERPROJECT

1 hour individual coaching and feedback on the test results and the CV motivation

Interview with AMBER Workplace

Feedback and assistance regarding to the interview

TEAMS interview

  • Motivation

  • CV introduction

  • Personality test

  • IT-skill test

Create AMBER Workplace motivation


Create AMBER Workplace motivation

AMBER Workplace

Onboarding plan for success. Continuously follow up and coaching

Work from home

  • Create CV

  • Make: Personality test

  • Make: IT-skill test

Workshop with AMBERPROJECT

Finalize the motivation and the CV for the interview with the AMBER Workplace

AMBER ACADEMY is an agile and efficient model- we only work with selected candidates to who we believe we can successfully introduce to our Amber Workplaces.

This process is the success behind how we “see and work” with talents.

Our heart is in this specific process of discovering the “true” motivation of each profile to make the right match for long term job persistence.

By understanding and matching on basis of “motivation” comes the best results.

We are fully committed to each step in the tailored AMBER ACADEMY- this illustrated our vision in our work with talents.

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