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Capturing Diversity ∙ Embracing Talents

Ida Sandberg


“What motivates me is to help people succeed beyond their own believes.”


Have +15 years of experience in Sales, digital outsourcing and management.

Worked with IT for the past 5 years and specializes in recruitment, process optimization and resource management.


HD from CBS 2007 and also founder of Ask4IT ApS.

Contact details;

+45 51910099

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Rolf Greisen

Partner Implement Group

  • MsC in 1990 from Denmark’s technical University, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium and Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria, and MBA from Copenhagen Business School 2000


  • +30 years from the IT industry and 20 as management consultant


  • Industry: Across private and public sectors – in Denmark, Nordics or globally with HQ in Denmark. 


Contribution to Amber: Experience from growing a start-up from 1 to 25 people in 5 years within IT consulting, but also general experience from working closely with and developing customers’ IT organizations for 3 decades

Motivation to be a part of Amber: I think there is a huge potential by bridging the gap between the need for IT talent in the public sector and the industry and motivated people who are nearly but not yet there to become that talent. The satisfaction each time such a match happens is unparalleled!

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Maryam Kazemieh

Delivery Executive at Nordcloud, an IBM company- Selling and Delivering Cloud technology to Denmark's organizations.


Bachelors of Science i Urban Planning with Minor in Computer Science from University of Evansville, Indiana (1982) MBA from Copenhagen University 2011.



  • + 32 years in Information Technology- Software and Management consulting sales and services delivery . Partner in 4 startups (2 in Denmark and 2 in Silicon Valley, California USA)- I have worked in USA, UK and in the past 11 years in Denmark.


  • Industry & education - Healthcare and hospital information systems, Banking, Pharma, Manufacturing

Your contribution to Amber - I hope to  shine a light on what maybe missed otherwise. Levereging my  years of experience in startups, together with accomplishments as well as learnings from failioures to help Ida Sandberg create an agile and dynamic startup very quickly.

Your motivation to be a part of Amber - Great cause to give a second chance to those who are overlooked in the much needed market for experienced IT workforce.

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